On Site Computer Repair Service

It is no surprise Blue Windows Infotech is still the premier computer repair company in the service area. We offer a wide range of Computers: Laptop, Notebook, Desktop, Printer and Monitor Repair Services in Mumbai. Our certified computer repair technicians are the best of the best and our high-quality service guarantees are unmatched by our competitors. From your home computer to small, mid-level and enterprise businesses, we provide solutions for every computer environment. Most importantly, at Blue Windows Infotech, you are always guaranteed a fast and flawless computer repair, which is why we are an unparalleled computer repair company.

24/7 Quik Support

When you depend on computers in your home, at your business, at your office and even on-the-go, a computer that doesn't work is often a real crisis. Blue Windows Infotech's expert computer repair technicians are standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to ensure your crisis is solved fast and flawlessly. When you need an onsite computer repair, a highly-skilled Blue Windows Infotech technicians will come to your place within 1 hour or you can select our remote services to start your computer repair immediately over the phone or Internet.

Solution for any Situation

Selecting Blue Windows Infotech as your computer repair company guarantees you a successful solution for any situation. We are equipped with the knowledge, experience and tools necessary to fix any problem for any technology. We are the computer repair company you can reply on to get the job done fast and flawlessly. If you want the best computer repair service, Just Logged the complaint for onsite PC service whether you want to improve your computer’s performance with an upgrade or install a wireless network or have any type of hardware or software problems or contact Blue Windows Infotech online or at +91 9323 481011.

Computer Hardware Assembling

Prior to installation of the hardware systems, we do analysis for all the technology requirements which the clients want. After the thorough analysis we provide configuration of each machine along with the quote.

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Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

We always think that prevention is better than Cure, as we also believe that proper maintenance and follow-up provides lowest down time in case of computer systems. We had noticed that most of the organization in IT industry is unable to provide maintenance after sales support, simply because of lack of concentration in the field of after sales support.
After our valuable clients discussions we have designed different packages for maintenance. We strongly recommend you to select plan, which suits you the most.

  • Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (CAMC)
  • Non–Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (NAMC)
  • On – Call Feedback (OCF)

AMC Details